“Delivery to all the Canary Islands”


What is the
Prestige & Tradition philosophy ?

Our mission is to help the small craftsman and the family companies to promote the traditional and regional products which make the gastronomic and oenologic variety of our country and so to contribute to avoid their disappearance.

How do we guarantee the authenticity and the quality of the products of our selection ?

Our expert wine taster takes care to look, to discover, and to test each of the products by valuing the traditional methods of elaboration.

Our suppliers are craftsmen and family companies that work carefully and attention to perpetuating the know-how of their ancestors.

Hand-made, these products receive care, attention, love, and impregnate positive energies and feelings of satisfaction with the well-made work.
It is the secret ingredients that differentiate them industrial products and although we do not see them, during the tasting, our body knows to recognize and appreciate them.

We cannot allow that these traditions get lost !

We invite you to support the craftsmen producers who are in danger of disappearance in front of the invasion of the industrial productions…

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“Delivery to all the Canary Islands”

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